The Janis Project

Frank Hyder’s Janis project began in Istanbul Turkey, with the support of Frank Del Rio CEO of Norwegian cruise, and concluded a three month journey of the coast of Europe with the last placement in Tallinn Estonia. A spontaneous daily placement aboard a Luxury Oceania cruise liner and its ports of call, surprising clients and locals with its presence stimulating dialogs in many languages. The air filled huge head, which at once references Moai of Easter Island, Olmec heads and, the ancient Roman god of new endeavors, at the same time has its roots in street art and inflatable toys. Generally very well received it did attract police action in Seville Spain, for a lack of permits and received a definite no from Russian border police in St. Petersburg.

Janis carries a message of equality and good will and dares to step out of the normal world of Art museums or Art Galleries to be among us. Made of resilient nylon and paint, Janis has found a place to make us all consider issues with a smile that often divide us.

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